Czech Streets – Lenka

September 27, 2011

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    A young Slovak actress Lenka, hosting in one of Prague’s theatres… And that’s what I call a challenge! That day, I got into my best clothes, bought a bouquet of flowers and went to see another one of her shows.  When she walked out at last, I introduced myself and she agreed to meet me for a cup of coffee the next day. The hook sank in… Her name was Lenka, she was born in Slovakia. On the way to the theatre, I had to reveal my cards, and believe me or not, she agreed (for 120.000 Crowns)! And although it cost an appalling heap of cash, fucking right in the streets, just a few metres away from a famous theatre… icon smile Czech Streets   Lenka  

CzechStreets Lenka2 Czech Streets   Lenka

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CzechStreets Lenka1 Czech Streets   Lenka

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pixel Czech Streets   Lenka

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