DareDorm – College in Georgia

April 17, 2010

in Reality

 On our latest daredorm we encounter some daring coeds who wanna play some pranks on the boys. While their male counterparts hit the showers, these mischievious lil ladies sneak into the guys dormroom and start using their video camera.The girls record themselves making fun of all the items in the boys room, and then to take it up a notch the girls grab a fire extiguisher from the hall and barge into the guys bathroom. The boys chase the girls back to their dorm room, and while the rooms owner is extreemly pissed at the the girls for fucking up his bachellor pad, the girls quickly show their remorsefull side and make it up to the guy by giving him the threesome of a lifetime.

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DareDorm1 DareDorm   College in Georgia

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DareDorm2 DareDorm   College in Georgia

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DareDorm Porn

pixel DareDorm   College in Georgia

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