Sasha Knox from Viva La Bus

January 14, 2010

in Reality

 We were driving in a poring rain trying to find a place and Dommy noticed this Gothic girl standing alone at the bus stop. So we picked her up, turned out that she was going to the convention as well, what a coincidence!!! Shane was all over her and she seemed to like it plus she mentioned during the interview that her boyfriend likes watching her having sex with other men so I put 2 and 2 together and this Gohing pussy was jumping on top of Shane’s cock cumming every 10 seconds… The drop off was classical and she ended up pretty much at the same bus stop we picked her up yet.

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SashaKnox VivaLaBus1 Sasha Knox from Viva La Bus

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SashaKnox VivaLaBus2 Sasha Knox from Viva La Bus

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pixel Sasha Knox from Viva La Bus

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