Savannah Sex Tape #5

August 19, 2011

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     We get some nice amateur sex tape submissions sent to us is usually sub-par, but the few that are good we throw up on the site. We got a submission in the mail a few days ago -Sex Tape #5. Being burn out on amateur submissions, and not so impressed with the naming/presentation, I set it aside. To be honest, this video has to be the hottest amateur sex tape we’ve ever received. The guy playing with his girl in their hot tube, getting ready to go out on the town. The shit gets magma hot though when he wakes her up with one hell of a good morning, followed by some amazing sex.

Amateur Sex Tape1 Savannah Sex Tape #5

 Amateur Sex Tape Submisson movie

Amateur Sex Tape2 Savannah Sex Tape #5

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pixel Savannah Sex Tape #5

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